Organizing a French Door Refrigerator


Purge – First and foremost, you will need to obtain all the food out of the fridge. it is a lot easier and simpler to organize if you have entirely cleared the space. You can pull out everything from the fridge and place it on the island. Then, go through all the food items and throw everything that is expired or old. Find out for further details on french door refrigerators right here.

Clean – next, obtain an all-purpose cleaning spray as well as a microfiber cloth and then wipe the refrigerator, up to down. Use this time to really deep clean the refrigerator.

Configure – once the refrigerator has already been cleaned, now it the time to arrange all the shelves. This phase of cleaning is only applicable if you have a French refrigerator. The upper shelves of the fridge can be move around and can be arranged in a different manner. You can choose to leave the right side more open so that you can place the taller items there. Then on the left side, you can place the shelves closer together so that the smaller items will have their own area and vice versa. You can check it out here for more great tips!

Generate zones – next, place all the food back into the refrigerator, on the other hand, be sure to pay attention to the locations. Try to group the same items, and generate zones. This will make it a lot easier to find food for meals and place the groceries into the fridge. You can choose to make the left door as your first zone. Since the ice and water are placed in this zone, the shelves will be narrow. Above it, you can place the jams and the butter. Then in the middle, you can place all your fruit juices there. And on the bottom part, you can group the smaller condiments together and position it there. Having these on the narrow shelf can make it a lot easier to find them so that they don’t get lost when placed together with the bigger condiments. The right door will be your other zones. The shelves here are deeper, hence, they are great for drinks, bigger items and condiments that you frequently use. On top of it is a covered shelf where you can place the eggs. You can place two cartons of eggs there if the shelf is so deep. On the lower shelves, place your large condiments there. You can also place the coffee creamer and milk so that you can grab them right away out of the refrigerator. Take a look at this link for more information.


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